What's Included

  • 4 In-Depth Video Modules

    Learn about human design and self-care in an easy to digest video format.

  • Customized Self-Care Plan

    Learn about the three levels of self-care and develop your very own customized self-care plan.

  • Workbook

    My comprehensive workbook will guide you through the process of implementing your self-care plan so that it's something you live every day!

  • Community of Support

    Membership in the Kristi's Self-Care Tribe Facebook community where you can connect with others exploring human design and it's relationship to self-care.

  • Live Q & A Session

    Attend one live Q & A session which will be offered monthly to have face-time with Kristi.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Message From Kristi

    • Explore Your Conditioning

    • Before We Begin...

  • 2

    Intro to Human Design

    • Overview of Human Design

    • How to Work With Your Human Design Type

    • Identify Your Inner Wisdom

    • Show Your Knowledge

  • 3

    Self-Care for Aligning Your Design

    • The Three Levels of Self-Care

    • Your Customized Self-Care Plan

    • Create Your Mind Map & Commitment to Self-Care

    • Show Your Knowledge

  • 4

    Next steps

    • Congrats on Completing This Course!

    • More Resources For You

    • Before You Go...


Human Design Expert and Self-Care Influencer

Kristi Sullivan

Kristi H. Sullivan is a Human Design Expert and Self-Care Influencer with a passion for helping busy women thrive by aligning their energy through self-care. Her mission is to create a global shift from overworking to overflowing. She hosts virtual communities to guide and inspire participants to make self-care a priority and curate daily rituals that fit their Human Design. She is a speaker, workshop teacher, retreat leader, and co-author of 3 best-selling books written and published on Amazon during the 2020 pandemic: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 2; The Great Pause: Blessings & Wisdom from COVID-19; and Transformation 2020. To connect with Kristi and check out her offerings to help you live your best life with more purpose, wellness and freedom, visit kristisselfcare.com, follow @KristiHSullivan on Instagram, or join her group on Facebook: Kristi's Self Care Tribe.


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As if this wasn't enough, I've added a bonus just for you!

  • A Monthly Self-Care Tracker

    This inspiring and beautiful monthly calendar will allow you to set your intentions and track your self-care commitments each day so that your plan becomes part of your day-to-day life.